Can You Experience Abdominal Pain After Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Author: JM S Morales
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Yes, it is possible to experience abdominal pain after gastric surgery.

More Info: Reports show that gastric bypass patients complain about post-operation complications that they did not expect from the procedure. Although reports of abdominal pain resulting from a gastric bypass procedure are frequent, this is not to be taken as a sign that it is a normal occurrence. Abdominal pain may be a sign of complications from the gastric bypass procedure and that medical attention is required.

Examining the Surgical Anatomy

It is difficult to identify and diagnose the problems that arise after a gastric bypass procedure, making it essential to consult with a specialist who is an expert in the surgical anatomy. A multi-disciplinary approach towards diagnosing the problem is also highly encouraged, as some test results of gastric bypass patients come out normal, and are thus left untreated.

Pelvic Helical Computed Tomography

Because of complaints of severe abdominal pain, a set of post-gastric bypass patients were examined using pelvic helical computed tomography to examine their postoperative anatomy. After the said examinations were performed, 31 out of 72 patients had normal abdominal and pelvic findings, while 41 patients were found to have complications. The common complications found were leaks, staple line dehiscence, bowel obstruction, abscess, hepatic or splenic infarction and hernia. The said study concluded that pelvic helical computed tomography is an effective procedure to diagnose complications in gastric bypass patients complaining of abdominal pain and other abnormalities.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy

Diagnostic laparoscopy was also found by one study to be an effective way of diagnosing abdominal pain experienced by post-operation gastric bypass patients. Upon examination, said patients were found to have either internal hernias, adhesions, ventral hernias, partial bowel obstructions, and chronic cholecystitis.

Regardless of the kind of procedure you plan to undergo to diagnose your abdominal pain resulting from a gastric bypass procedure, it is important to note that any form of stomach pain, ulcer and gastritis require immediate medical attention and consultation with a specialist is required in order to correctly diagnose your condition.


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Expert Opinion 

Quote: "Leaks in the new connections made by the weight loss surgery are rare, but serious. They usually occur within five days of the surgery. Abdominal pain and feeling ill are common symptoms -- these should prompt a call to your doctor."

Source:   WebMD  What to Expect after Weight Loss Surgery


Quote:  "Patients with chronic unremitting abdominal pain, particularly associated with eating, should be tested for occult blood in the stool, as an anastomotic ulcer may be the cause of the pain."

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