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Can You Fly with Shingles?



According to the airlines Aer Lingus and Virgin Blue, you can NOT fly with shingles.

More Info: Assuming that many airlines will share similar flight health risk regulations, Aer Lingus and  Virgin Blue have listed shingles as a condition in which passengers are not permitted to travel.  For Aer Lingus you may not fly for 7 days from the time that the shingles first appeared on an exposed area of the body.  You are allowed to fly if the shingles are not exposed.  As far as Virgin Blue is concerned, you may not travel for as long as there is a threat of transmission to other passengers or crew.

What Other Conditions Restrict Travel?

Different airlines may have different flight restrictions but there are certain circumstances under which many of the airlines will not allow you to fly. Passengers not permitted to travel may include anyone that has undergone surgery in the past ten days, people with an infectious disease or virus, and those suffering from mumps, chicken pox, or shingles.

Resource for Flight Bound Patients

The unique conditions created by the pressure in the air cabin of a commercial flight can place those with certain medical conditions at risk. British Airways has a comprehensive list of conditions, which include blood diseases, broken bones, cardio-vascular disease, central nervous system disorders, ENT disorders, ophthalmological procedures, pregnancy, and respiratory diseases, with recommendations on how the flight may affect the condition on how long a patient should wait to fly.  The file is a guide to physicians but very informative and worth perusing for anyone taking a commercial flight.

Your Patient and Air Travel




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