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Can You Freeze Beets?



You can freeze beets but they must be fully cooked first.


How to Prepare Beets for Freezing

The quality of a freshly picked beet degrades quickly, so it should be prepared for freezing the same day that it is harvested.

Wash freshly picked beets and greens in cold water to remove all debris.

Trim off the green tops leaving one inch attached to the top of the beet.  Leave the taproot at the bottom attached. (This will help to minimize bleeding while cooking)

Boil before You Freeze


Cook whole beats with 1-inch top and taproot still attached in boiling water until tender. Twenty five to fifty minutes depending on the size of the beet.

Drain and immediately Immerse in cold water immediately to stop the cooking process.

Pat dry.

Cut off tops and taproot.


Slice or dice into cubes.

Package immediately and freeze.

Packaging Beets for the Freezer

You can store your beets in any freezer safe container as long as it is moisture proof and will not allow freezer odors to penetrate.



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