Can You Freeze Rosemary?



 You CAN freeze rosemary.

More Info: Rosemary is a beautiful perennial evergreen shrub native to hills along the Mediterranean, northern Spain and Portugal.  It can easily be grown in a home herb or container garden as well.  Rosemary can be harvested for homemade bath products as well as for culinary home use.  Both the flowers and the leaves can be used for baths, cooking or as a garnishment.


Freezing Rosemary

Likely one of the most effortless ways of preserving rosemary, freezing will retain more of the flavor and color as well.  To freeze rosemary for storage, begin with a good set of garden sheers.  Clip the number of sprigs you intend to freeze.

Rinse the sprigs well under running water.  Shake off any excess water.

Lay the rosemary sprigs on a layer of paper towels to air dry.  Take another layer and gently press the sprigs between layers of paper to help dry.  Allow to fully dry prior to freezing.

Find a good airtight storage container for the freezer in which to store the rosemary sprigs.  Layer the sprigs of rosemary inside your container and store in the freezer compartment.

Using Frozen Rosemary

When ready to use in the preparation of a special dish requiring rosemary, keep in mind that frozen rosemary can be much stronger than the fresh herb.  Remove a sprig from your container in the freezer.  Slide your fingers down the sprig of rosemary to remove the leaves.  Add leaves directly to the dish being cooked or you may chop or crush the amount you need for a particular dish.  Season to desired taste.  Rosemary can be added to many meat dishes as well as vegetables to perk up any of your favorite meals.



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