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Can You Get a Blank Cashier’s Check?

Can you get a blank cashier's check?


You cannot get a blank cashier’s check.

More Info: One of the secure features of a cashier’s check is that it is prepaid for and printed out to the intended party up front making it extremely difficult for anyone else to cash it.

If you aren’t certain of the exact party you will making the check out to, you can always purchase a money order or a cashier’s check in your own name and later endorse it to another party.  Be forewarned that many institutions do not accept third party checks.

What Is a Third Party Check?

A third-party check is a check written to someone else who in turn signs the check over to you. You take the signed check to your bank, sign it, and you attempt to cash or deposit it. Different banks have different rules and regulations concerning third party checks. Some refuse to honor them, and some will delay the availability of the funds. If you are in good standing with your bank, and if you have a personal relationship with a banker, this process may be accomplished without too many problems.

How Do You Endorse a Check?

Checks are documents that people or companies use to exchange money from one entity to another. Before a person can cash or deposit a check, they will need to endorse it. To endorse a check simply look at the back of it and on one end there will be a line to sign. The person whose name is on the front of the check must be the person to sign. Once someone has properly endorsed the check, he or she can exchange it for cash or deposit it into a bank account.



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