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Can You Get a Flu Shot If You Have a Cold?

Can You Get a Flu Shot If You Have a Cold?


You CAN get a flu shot if you have a cold.

More Info: Under your doctor’s guidance, you can get a flu shot if you have a cold, illness, or respiratory illness without fever.  You should not get a flu shot if you have any illness that includes a fever.

Who Should Not to Get a Flu Shot?

Though most people would benefit from getting the flu shot, it’s not for everybody. There instances where it can be life threatening such as:

  • Those allergic to eggs
  • Anyone having had a serious reaction in the past
  • People who suffer from Guillain-Barré syndrome.
  • Children younger than 6 months
  • Those sick with a fever

Who Should Get a Flu Shot?

Anyone wishing to lower the risk of getting the flu should get a vaccine.  For those who get a flu shot and still get the flu, the symptoms are generally milder.  Those most at risk should seriously consider getting a flu shot including:

  • Those 65 and over
  • Those suffering from long-term chronic diseases such as heart disease
  • Those residing in facilities like nursing homes
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system
  • Pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant
  • Children six-months to four years



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