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Can You Get a Money Order at a Bank?



You CAN get a money order at a bank.

More Info: There are many places that you can purchase a money order such as the postal service, Western Union, and even the local grocery store.  One of the most common places to get a money order from is a bank.


A money order is a safe, secure way to make a payment to another party. Some companies may not accept a personal check from you if you have a history of writing bad checks with them. Some individuals may require a money order rather than a personal check if you are buying an item of value. A money order is a guaranteed method of payment that most parties will feel secure in accepting from you. This is because you must pay for a money order up front before a money order can be issued.

When You Are an Accountholder

If you are one of the many individuals who has a checking or savings account with a financial institutional such as a national bank, a credit union, or other financial center, your best option may be to purchase a money order from your bank. Many financial institutions provide accountholders with money orders as a free service, but some will charge a nominal fee for this service. When you buy a money order from your bank, the funds for the money order can be withdrawn from your accounts at that time, and this prevents you from having to carry cash or another form of funds in order to pay for the money order.

Options for Non-Accountholders

Some individuals have decided to live without a checking or savings account. Others may have a checking or savings account, but it may not be feasible to buy a money order from the bank they do business with. There are options available to buy a money order when you are not an accountholder at a bank. Some banks will provide you with a money order service even if you are not an accountholder, but they typically will charge a higher fee for non-accountholders. You may also purchase a money order from the postal service, a money order service such as Western Union or a local grocery store. You will need to bring the cash payment for the money order as well as the additional money for the processing fee with you at the time you purchase the money order.



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