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Can You Get Food Poisoning from Milk?

Can You Get Food Poisoning from Milk?


You CAN get food poisoning from milk.

Raw Milk Presents a Danger

Raw milk, that is milk that has not been pasteurized, can contain harmful bacteria and cause foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. The pasteurization process heats the milk sufficiently to kill harmful bacteria and makes it safe to consume.

Grade A Pasteurized Milk Must Be Kept Cold

Even pasteurized milk can spoil and begin to grow harmful bacteria if not handled properly. In order to keep harmful bacteria at bay, milk needs to be refrigerated at a constant temperature below 45° F. Bacteria will begin to grow at any temperature higher than this and will double at each 18°F interval over this. The cooler the milk is kept, the longer it lasts and the safer it to drink. Properly cooled milk that has been transported, stored and sold, and then home refrigerated maintaining a constant temperature below 45° F should last up to two weeks.


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