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Can You Get Pregnant While on Birth Control?

Can You Get Pregnant While on Birth Control?


Yes, you can get pregnant while on birth control.

More Info: The chance of getting pregnant while on birth control depends entirely on the type of method being used. Though in some cases the probability of the birth control failing is minimal, there is, statistically, no birth control method that is 100% effective.

Top Birth Control Methods to Avoid Pregnancy

At the top of the list, with a less than 1% chance of the woman becoming pregnant, are the male vasectomy, the female birth control implant, female sterilization and the IUD. It’s amazing to think that even in the cases of procedures like a male vasectomy and female sterilization, there is still a small chance of pregnancy.

Success Rate of Birth Control Pills

The pill belongs to the next tier of birth control effectiveness, a statistical success rate of 92% to 98%. The other methods in this group are the vaginal ring, the patch, and an injection. Beyond these first two tiers, the risk of pregnancy starts to become relatively large. In the third tier, with an effectiveness rate as low as 75%, are both male and female condoms as well the sponge, the cervical cap and a diaphragm. Finally, there are reasons why stand-up comedians continue to make jokes about the withdrawal method. It is at the very bottom of the list of effective birth control methods, together with spermicide jelly used without the additional layer of a male or female condom.

The issue of birth control effectiveness has been enhanced by modern pop culture. In the fall of 2010, MTV’s highest rated show “Teen Mom” has been seen by some to be a vivid reminder to its audience of three million viewers of the risks of pregnancy. Thus, though this has yet to be scientifically corroborated, the premise is that watching such a show will inspire some of its young female viewers to opt for birth control.



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