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Can You Grow Lavender Indoors?



You CAN grow lavender indoors.

Lavender is an aromatic herb, which can be grown indoors under the right conditions. There are different varieties of lavender; Spanish, French and English. French lavender adapts best to indoor environments. Growing lavender indoors can be problematic due to drier air, temperature fluctuations, and inconsistent lighting conditions. Here are some basic steps to follow to establish the best indoor environment for lavender.

How to Pot Indoor Lavender

The first step is to select a healthy plant. Choose a plant, which is healthy in appearance and not root bound. French lavender requires a good size pot for ample growth. The pot should be at least twice the size of the root ball. Prepare the potting soil by mixing in small amounts of lime and sand. Completely water the plant and then allow it to dry out, between watering.

Where to Place Your Indoor Lavender

Make sure the location for the your lavender plant has good airflow and sufficient light. This plant requires full sun, so a sunny location is essential. A grow light can be substituted, if there is insufficient light. It is important to occasionally turn the plant to achieve even growth on all sides.

Special Considerations

During the summer months, lavender should be placed outdoors to increase overall growth and promote plant health. Never place an indoor plant in the direct sunlight, because this can damage the plant. Place an indoor plant in a protected, yet sunny area. Ample care will produce a plant, which will flourish and add beauty to the home.



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