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Can You Have Pneumonia Without Fever?



You CAN have pneumonia without a fever.  

Pneumonia Infections

Pneumonia results from infection with a robust microbe, including bacteria, viruses and fungi, that overcome your immune system’s defenses and cause you to develop symptoms which mimic those of influenza. Once one of these microbes gains access to your lungs and multiples to a level which causes illness, you will begin to feel symptoms of the infection. The antecedent symptoms of pneumonia include fever and coughing.

Pneumonia Symptoms

Once the symptoms of fever and coughing are present, the ensuing symptoms of pneumonia make the infection easily identifiable to physicians. Advanced symptoms of pneumonia infection include difficulty in drawing sufficient breath, sweating, shaking chills, headache, fatigue, persistent muscle ache and chest pain that fluctuates with breathing. The cough may produce phlegm and be accompanied by discomfort that lingers or worsens upon deep breaths. If the strain of bacteria, virus or fungus is particularly virulent or your illness is complicated by co-morbid conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, diabetes or asthma, the severity of symptoms may advance into sepsis, bacteremia, pleural effusion, septic shock, empyema, abscessed lung or acute respiratory distress syndrome.

Duration of Symptoms

The duration of pneumonia symptoms has several co-factors which include age, overall health, co-morbid conditions, cause of the infection and lifestyle behaviors. In otherwise healthy children, fever and other symptoms begin resolution within two days of onset. Symptoms of pneumonia in adults usually take three days to dissipate. People with chronic health deficiencies or severe symptoms may experience symptoms that last for weeks and require hospitalization to abate.



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