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Can You Machine Wash Sneakers?



Most companies advise against washing sneakers in the washing machine.

Did you know that your feet are among the three areas of your body with the largest sweat glands that continuously perspire? Foot perspiration can accumulate inside of your sneakers harboring a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause a foul odor leading many people to wonder if they can toss their sneakers in the washing machine.

Read the Care Label

Most shoe manufacturers discourage the use of a washing machine to clean their brands because the harsh detergents and agitation of the machine can cause damage, which is the case with most leather sneakers. The care label will give you specific instructions on care as well as precautions.

Machine Wash Canvas: It should be noted that companies like Keds discourage the use of the washing machine for their canvas sneakers.  Instead, the company recommends spot washing and air drying.  If your sneakers at the point that you can’t get them clean and are willing to take the chance that they may become damaged here’s how to wash them in the washing machine.

First, treat your canvas sneakers with a laundry stain remover to remove any stains. Remove the laces and toss the sneakers into a cold water cycle in the washing machine with a few towels. The towels will rub up against the sneakers during the wash cycle helping to remove dirt and stains. Once complete, air dry them.

Machine Wash Leather: Not recommended.

Hand Wash Canvas: Fully wet the sneaker then scrub them with a liquid laundry detergent. Be sure to rinse them fully.

Hand Wash Leather: Use a leather cleaner and conditioner specifically designed for use with leather running shoes.



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