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Can You Port a Landline to a Cell Phone?


Absolutely, with one major caveat-the cell phone company being switched to must service an area that overlaps with the current geographical location of the landline. This obviously is not a problem with any national cell phone service provider such as T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T. However, if a person is trying to port their landline to less pervasive wireless provider, this issue may be a problem.

Straightforward Procedure

Whether a person has existing cell phone service or is beginning a new contract, the procedure of porting a landline is relatively simple. Providers generally will require a new contract or a change in service plans. Beyond that, there is the issue of activation. According to the FCC, the porting of a landline number to a cell phone should take no more than a few business days.

Consumers typically can bring a copy of their home phone bill into the local office of their cell phone provider, which will handle the necessary details. Once the home phone line is ported, the company providing that service will consider the contract terminated and issue a final bill.

Transfer Eligibility

Many cell phone providers make it very easy to determine whether or not they can handle the portability of a specific landline. Via the Internet, most companies offer a template page within which a customer can quickly check to see if a landline number is eligible for service and porting with that company.

The process can also be done in the reverse direction. A cell phone number can be ported to a landline in as little as 24 hours. Although there are far less benefits that come with turning a home phone into a cell phone contract, rather than the other way around, some people may still want to do this, usually so that they can amalgamate their landline on the same bill as that of the other cell phone services that they use.


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