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Can You Prevent Receding Gums?

Can You Prevent Receding Gums?


Gum recession is a common dental problem, especially for those who have reached the age of 40. Brushing technique, general oral health, and heredity all play a role in receding gums, but there are preventive measures you can take to keep it from happening. They include the following:

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice every day. This will remove harmful bacteria from under your gums and between your teeth.
  • Be sure to use a soft toothbrush, and brush gently to avoid wearing away your gum tissue.
  • Learn to cope with stress because it can have a significant effect on your oral health.
  • After meals, rinse your mouth with warm salt water for two minutes.
  • See your dentist if grinding or clenching your teeth becomes a problem.

What Periodontal Disease Can Do

Periodontal disease, a bacterial infection affecting the gum line, is the main cause of receding gums. It can destroy the bone that surrounds the gums, and it is mainly caused by poor dental hygiene, indicating that periodontal disease is highly preventable.

While a receding gum line is an indication of possible oral disease, many people are unaware that a problem exists if they have no pain. Puffy, bleeding gums are more noticeable, and they can often lead to tooth decay. When the gums recede, both the gums and bones begin moving away from the teeth-and if the condition goes untreated, it can result in shifting teeth and the loss of teeth as well.

Removing Plaque

To monitor your plaque deposits at home, use disclosing tablets, which you can purchase at your local drugstore. Disclosing tablets contain a harmless red dye that will stain dental plaque and food debris on your teeth. Use them as directed, then look at yourself in the mirror, and you will notice the areas stained with plaque. After that, you can proceed to brush your teeth to remove the stain. You may be shocked at what you discover initially, but in time, it will help you to brush your teeth effectively in order to remove dangerous plaque and avoid periodontal disease.


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