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Can You Purchase Cell Phones with Two Numbers?



You can purchase cell phones with two phone numbers.


Owning a cell phone that operates with multiple phone numbers can be advantageous for a number of reasons. Many people want this feature to separate out personal calls from business calls. Having two numbers would allow users to set one outgoing voicemail message for friends and another for business associates, while at the same time identifying exactly how much money they’re using on business expenses. Multiple numbers would also permit users to give out one number to people they’ve only recently met or to establishments they don’t completely trust.

Can You Have Two Numbers on One Cell Phone?

The short answer is: under certain circumstances. For example, if your phone uses a SIM card, it is generally assigned one number and locked to one carrier.  The workaround is a new device called the dual SIM card adapter.  This adapter allows a cell phone to carry two SIM cards. The downside to this new technology is that the device is hard to come by, works only on GMS phones, and will likely nullify your phone’s warranty.  A few phones come equipped with the dual SIM card adapter, but are difficult to find in the United States such as the Duet D888 and the Travel Phone.

However, there are more viable options for a smartphone users.

Supplementary Service Providers

There are other services available for purchase that allow users to add a second line to a smartphone via an application. For example, Line 2 is a phone company that has developed apps that are compatible with all iPhones and Android phones. By purchasing their service for a monthly fee, you can choose your own number and essentially access a second phone account complete with its own voicemail and an array of other great features. There many companies like Line 2 that offer similar services.

Forwarding Calls and Messages

As a last resort if you truly need to have two numbers operating with one cell phone, you can always set up two separate lines and have calls and messages from one of the numbers forwarded to the other. However, this will most likely increase the monthly fees from your cell phone company. Details will depend on the service provider you use.



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