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Can You Shower with Shingles?



You can shower with shingles.

More Info: Keeping the skin clean is important when you have shingles but the pain from the blisters may become irritated by a shower depending on the water pressure and temperature.  Most professionals prescribe a cool, soothing bath for those with shingles. [Shingles: Lifestyle and home remedies.” Mayo Clinic]

Shingles Statistics

Though shingles can occur in anyone over the age of three, the likelihood of contracting it increases with age and is most common in people over 50.  Roughly one in ten people who have had the chicken pox will develop shingles as an adult. [“Shingles.” Brown University]

Cool Baths Are Better than Showers

A soothing bath may help to relieve some of the pain and itching that accompanies a shingles outbreak.  Adding a few cups of oatmeal to each bath may also help to soothe and relieve.  You can either purchase an oatmeal bath or make your own by grinding plain, dry oatmeal in a blender or food processor.

If You Must Shower

If you want to shower, make a cool and comforting to diffuse the burning pain that can accompany a shingles outbreak.  You may also wish to turn your water pressure down so as not to irritate the painful blisters.  Make sure to gently pat yourself dry.

Precautions with Showering

Direct contact with blister fluid, or objects contaminated with blister fluid, is the way in which the varicella zoster virus is spread.  If your blisters are still oozing, you will need to either dispose of or completely disinfect all items that were used during bathing.



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