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Can You Steam Clean Hardwood Floors?

Can you steam clean hardwood floors


You CAN steam clean hardwood floors.


More Info: As long as your hardwood floors are dust free and sealed you can steam clean them.


Homeowners with hardwood floors are often nervous about how to keep their floors clean without damage. There are many types of hardwood flooring material and the methods used for cleaning them can vary. For those looking for a deep cleaning method, steam cleaning may be the answer.

Myths about Steam Cleaning

Hardwood floor owners are well aware of the damage that excessive water on wood can cause. Because the process involved with creating steam involves water, the association leads many homeowners to shy away from steam cleaning hardwood floors. However, with a high-quality steam mop, the steam vapor never has a chance to wet the hardwood floor, and it evaporates without causing streaking or other marks on the floor.

No Harsh Chemicals

The greatest benefit of using a steam mop to clean is that it is 99.9% effective at sanitizing against germs and bacteria.  Another benefit of adding a steam mop to your cleaning routine is that it runs on pure, clean water, making it environmentally friendly as well as safe for family and pets. Using harsh chemicals in any cleaning application on a hardwood floor has the potential to damage the floor and reduce the luster of the shine.

A word of caution, using chemical solutions in a steam mop is a potential health hazard, as the solution water mix will turn to a vapor, which can be inadvertently inhaled.

Only Use on Dust Free Sealed Floors

If your hardwood floors are not sealed, you should not steam clean them. Although the vapor evaporates immediately, it is a bad idea to introduce moisture to your unsealed wood flooring. Also, it is imperative to make sure your floors are free of dust and dirt. If you steam clean hardwood floors that have a lot of debris on them, it can scratch the finish and cause damage to the flooring.



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