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Can You Stop Payment on a Money Order?


There are several reasons why you may wish to stop payment on a money order. These include if a money order is lost or stolen, if the merchandise that you paid for with the money order is not of decent quality, and more. If you find yourself in the position of trying to stop a payment on a money order today, there are a few things that you should know.

Two Different Types of Money Orders

First, there are two different types of money orders. These include a personal money order that features your personal signature. This type of money order is easiest to place a stop payment on. The second type of money order is a bank order, which features the signature of a bank representative. This type of money order generally is the equivalent of a cashier’s check, and a stop payment is generally not permitted.

What You Can Do

If you want to attempt to stop payment on a money order, you must contact the bank or financial institution that issued the money order as soon as possible. If the money order has not been presented to the financial institution for processing, the financial institution may decide to issue a temporary hold on the money order. You will typically be required to fill out paperwork providing a legitimate reason for the stop payment request, and you will be required to wait for the processing of the request to be completed.

If a Stop Payment Is Not Possible

There are times when a stop payment is not possible. For instance, if the money order has already been processed or if you obtained a bank money order, you generally will not be able to stop payment. You must then go through legal channels in an effort to recoup your money. You can attempt to return the merchandise through the store if you believe you received bad merchandise, or you may need to file a lawsuit in order to recoup your money in court.



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