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Can You Text a Cell Phone from a Computer?



You CAN text a cell phone from a computer.

How to Text with Your Computer

In order to text this way, you simply go to your cell phone provider’s website and type in what you want to say. Usually, you can press a button to have your text translated to texting.

After specifying your phone number and the phone number of the message recipient, you just hit the send button. The company will then send your message for you.

Are There Benefits to Texting with Your Computer?

There are many reasons why you may want to text with your computer. Texting with a computer is easier than texting on a phone, especially for people with arthritis or for people who have physical or visual disabilities.

In addition, you can use this method to text or to share a quick message to circumvent the texting or cell phone rules at your place of employment. Of course, if you are not accustomed to texting, using a computer to text is simply more time efficient. In some cases, it can actually take longer to text than it can simply to type a message using your computer keyboard.

When you type a text on your computer, the cell service will provide you with confirmation that they successfully sent the message as well as the fact that the recipient received it. If you need such confirmation immediately, you will definitely want to use the computer to send a message.

Yes, it is possible to text a cell phone from your computer. In fact, you may find that you like texting this way much better!



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