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Can You Wash Running Shoes in the Washing Machine?



Most name brand companies recommend you not wash running shoes in the washing machine.

More info: It is no surprise that most companies do not want you to wash their running shoes in the washing machine.  In the past, many experts including Heloise, suggested that you not wash leather-based sneakers in the washing machine, but had more lax advice for other fabrics.  Today’s more technologically advanced offerings require more specialized care.  For example, Nike Air sneakers have a flexible bag of pressurized air in the midsole and the forefoot.  The company’s Zoom cushioning consists of tightly stretched fibers inside of a pressurized air unit providing a super-responsive feel.  Additional running shoe brands have their own unique technologies.

Running Shoe Care Recommendations from the Experts

So casually tossing a very expensive pair of running shoes in the washer is no longer just worrying about loose stitching or glue releasing its hold.  The agitator and hot temperatures could damage unique materials that make the running shoe supportive and balanced.  But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s a look at recommendations from some of the top companies on running shoe care.


Can you wash Asics running shoes in the washing machine?

Asics says no.  Instead, the company recommends that you use a toothbrush or nail brush with a little warm water and a gentle, anti-grease soap.

Can you wash Brooks running shoes in the washing machine?

Brooks says no.  Washing machines are too aggressive and could cause the shoes to stretch and warp.  Instead the company recommends removing the internal liner and hand washing the shoes with warm water and mild soap.  Allow them to air dry.

Can you wash Mizuno running shoes in the washing machine?

Minuzo says no.  The detergents used are harmful to the glue in your shoes.  Instead, the company recommends that you remove the insoles, then clean the shoes with a soft bristled brush and mild soap and water.  Allow them to completely dry in the air. Do not put them in the dryer.

Can you wash Nike running shoes in the washing machine?

Nike says no. Do not machine wash or dry.  Instead, the company recommends that you use a mild soap with cold water and a damp cloth to clean your shoes.  Never use harsh detergents or bleach and always allow to air dry.

Can you wash Skechers performance shoes in the washing machine?

Skechers says no.  Do not put their products in the washing machine or the dryer.  Instead, the company recommends that you wash performance shoes with cold water, a damp cloth and a mild detergent.  Allow them to air dry naturally.

How to Dry Running Shoes

Asics. Never place them near direct heat as this will alter the shape of the shoe.  Instead, stuff the inside with paper towels to absorb the dampness.  It should take 12 hours to dry.

Brooks. Stuff shoes with plain newsprint and allow them to air dry.

Minuzo. Place them in direct sunlight for an hour or so.  If you can’t, use a fan.

Nike. Always allow to air dry.

Skechers.  Always allow performance shoes to air dry naturally.


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