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Can You Wax a Laminate Floor?



You cannot wax a laminate floor.

More Info: While waxing may seem like a good way for you to keep your laminate floor shining, wax is absolutely not recommended for this type of floor. Applying any kind of wax on a laminate floor will result in unsightly build-up that will actually take away the natural sheen that laminate flooring has.

Floor Cleaners

Laminate floors are coated with a substance to make them shiny, much like a hard wood floor. Traditional store bought floor cleaners or any detergent based cleaner are too harsh to use on a laminate floor.  These cleaners will create a coating on the laminate that will begin to look dull over time. They may also cause unsightly streaks that will detract from the aesthetic appeal of the floor.

How to Care for Your Laminate Floor
The best way to care for your laminate floor is to sweep away any dirt regularly and immediately clean up any spills before they have a chance to stain the floor. When your laminate floor needs to be mopped, hot water will usually be enough to get the job done.  Use a well-squeezed damp mop for the job.  If desired, you can purchase a special cleaner designed just for laminate floors but this is usually not necessary if the floor is looked after well.

Keep It Looking Newer Longer

Using area rugs in high traffic areas will also keep your laminate floor looking new much longer. Also, certain types of shoes are likely to leave black marks on the floor and should be avoided. High heeled shoes may cause floor scuffing as well. Additionally, using floor protectors when moving furniture on the floor will keep the surface of the floor from becoming scratched.



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