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Can Zinc Treat Rosacea?

Can Zinc Treat Rosacea?


Yes, zinc can treat rosacea.

According to one study conducted on nineteen patients, both male and female sufferers of rosacea, zinc sulfate was found to be an effective treatment for rosacea and one that did not have any significant side effects. In this study, patients were given one hundred milligrams of zinc sulfate capsules, three times a day. After the first month of therapy, patients who were receiving the zinc sulfate capsules had significantly lower levels of rosacea.

It has also been shown that zinc preparations composed of oral nicotinamide +zinc, which is found in products such as Nicomide and Nic/Zn are have been effective in seventy-nine percent of the patients who have been under treatment for rosacea using such preparation after one month of treatment.

Why Zinc?

Zinc is an effective ingredient for managing rosacea because of its anti-inflammatory effects through the inhibition of leukocyte chemotaxis, lysosomal enzyme release, lymphocytic transformation, mast cell degranulation, bacteriostatic effect against P. acnes, inhibition of vasoactive animes, preservation of intracellular coenzyme homeostasis and decreased sebum production.

Apart from managing rosacea, zinc has also been found to be effective in treating acne, viral warts and cutaneous leishmaniasis.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is described as a common chronic dermatological condition that is prevalent in fair skinned individuals, particularly women beyond the thirty years or forty years of age. However, it affects individuals of all races, even dark skinned African American complexions as well as those of Asian descent.

Rosacea is characterized by the frequent redness or flushing of the face, particularly in the nose and cheek area, spreading gradually to the forehead, chin, ears, chest and back. What makes up the redness that is seen on rosacea sufferers? These are papules, pustules, phyma formation, granulomatous nodules and sometimes they even affect the eyes, where the disease is now called ocular rosacea.





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