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How to Wire Someone Money

Despite best intentions, sometimes wiring money can be necessary. Fortunately, it’s usually not a difficult process, but timing can be important. Requirements Before [Read More...]

How to Read a Check

Knowing how to read a check heightens check cashing safety and helps avoid costly mistakes. Because it’s a simple process, many don’t fully read the entries, [Read More...]

How to Get a Certified Check

A certified check is a check that is guaranteed by the issuing financial institution.  The guaranty states that the payer has sufficient funds in the account to cover the [Read More...]

How to Deposit a Check

Depositing a check is an easy and common process, but if the check is not properly prepared beforehand, the deposit could be longer and more involved than necessary. Check [Read More...]

How to Sign Over a Check

A check that has been written to be payable to one person that is endorsed by that person to a third party is called a third party check.  There is no law requiring banks to [Read More...]
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