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How to Make a Classic Vodka Martini

How to Make a Classic Vodka Martini

What Is in a Classic Martini?

  • 1 part vodka
  • Tiny splash dry vermouth (8 to 1 vodka to vermouth will result in a dry martini)

How to Make a Vodka Martini

The secret to the perfect martini is serving the beverage chilled to just the right temperature. For best results, chill your ingredients and preparation items including the vodka, martini glass, and shaker.

Fill a glass pitcher or stainless steel shaker with cracked ice. Do not use crushed or shaved ice. You want to chill your martini while avoiding tiny ice particles slipping through during the straining process.

Gently swirl the liquid throughout the ice. A good thirty seconds should chill the beverage without diluting it. If you prefer your martini a bit lighter, then allow it sit and rest for a few minutes in between stirring. The ice will melt slightly both chilling and diluting it.

Strain the chilled liquid into the chilled martini glass. Garnish.

How to Make a Dry Martini

The less dry vermouth used the drier the martini. A secret of the trade for martini lovers that prefer an extra dry martini is to pour a splash of vermouth over the container of ice cubes, coating the ice cubes with the vermouth by shaking or stirring, then straining the extra vermouth out before adding the gin or vodka.

Tips for the Highest Quality Martini

To achieve the best results, use only the finest ingredients. A low-grade liquor is going to result in a low-grade cocktail.

Use only the finest bar utensils. A glass pitcher or stainless steel shaker will result in a better tasting drink. Plastic and aluminum can contaminate the taste.


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