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Cockroach Control Methods


Cockroaches present very real health concerns to the humans they sometimes bedevil. They can spread 33 different kinds of bacteria, six kinds of parasitic worms and a similar number of pathogens. They have also increasingly been linked to the outbreak of asthma attacks, especially among young children.

It is equally important to keep human health concerns in mind when selecting an off-the-shelf roach killer product. Many of these products contain neurotoxins, carbamates and organophosphates, all of which can induce nausea, headaches, and even tremors. A better option is to favor roach traps that use a slow-acting poison or target a particular species’ reproductive system. If traps do not eradicate the problem within the space allotted by the instructions, after a second pass, it is usually recommended that a professional pest control company be called to assist with the situation.

Cockroach Species

The four types of cockroaches that infest North American homes are typically American, German, Oriental, or Brownbanded. Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures, and the numbers that scatter in a kitchen when the lights are suddenly turned on usually represent just a small portion of the overall problem.


Beyond the obvious attraction of left out food, pet bowls, and the like, it’s worth remembering to take out the garbage daily rather than waiting until a garbage bag is full. Another less obvious way to control the threat of cockroach infestation is to repair all leaky taps and faucets. Cockroaches may also sometimes be brought into the house, with eggs, from rural farmer’s markets for example. It pays to be aware of the fact that a cockroach infestation can be sparked by unwittingly bringing one into the house. Boric acid can be used to supplement any home remedy or off-the-shelf roach killer, as long as it is applied in areas that are not accessible to children.

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