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Hair Coloring Gray Hair

What Causes Gray Hair

While graying hair is one of the earliest and most noticeable signs of aging, few people outside the health and beauty industries actually understand what causes gray hair. [Read More...]

How to Color Gray Hair

By following these tips on how to color gray hair, beautiful and natural-looking color can be achieved. Color Selection Choose a color that is suited to skin tone and natural [Read More...]

Can You Prevent Gray Hair?

ANSWER: It depends on the specific cause of your gray hair. The graying of hair is a natural occurrence as human beings age or mature. There are times however when graying or [Read More...]

Can Stress Cause Gray Hair?

ANSWER: Stress CAN cause gray hair. . .cellular stress that is. More info: Current research, published in the Journal Cell, has concluded that cellular stress is the cause of [Read More...]
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