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Coloring Hair with Coffee


According to a study done by WebMD, coffee has many great benefits to your health. From helping to prevent cavities to treating diabetes, coffee has been providing great results. Now we have a new one for you. If you want to bring out all of those natural red and brown highlights in your hair or are looking for a natural remedy to cover up that grey, coffee is once again there to help you.

According to the National Cancer Institute there are over 5000 different chemicals used in factory made hair dyes, including many that are considered carcinogenic. Unlike some of those traditional hair dyes and toxic highlighting kits that can leave your hair dry and damaged, coffee is all-natural. Using this simple coffee mixture, you will notice the new shine and dimensions immediately.

Precautions: Anything that can dye hair has to potential to stain other things such as skin, towels and clothing. Take the same precautions you would with any dye. 

Needed Supplies for Coffee Dyeing

When you plan to dye your hair with coffee, there are some specific supplies that you will need. First, you will need to brew about one gallon of strong coffee and let it cool to at least room temperature. You will also need a basin that can be set inside of your sink, a hairbrush, a hair clip and a cup.

The Dyeing Process

Step 1: Place the basin in your sink and fill it with your coffee mixture.

Step 2: Brush your hair thoroughly. The will notice better results from the coffee dye when it is applied to tangle free hair.

Step 3: Place your head over the basin. Using the cup, slowly pour the coffee mixture over your hair. Work the coffee mixture in all of your hair by using your fingers or the hairbrush. Thoroughly saturate the root area of your hair. Rinse your hair in this fashion for approximately fifteen minutes.

Step 4: Completely wring out excess coffee mixture from your hair and clip your hair up. To avoid staining your tiles or carpet, do not allow any coffee to drip. Do not use a towel to cover your hair, as this will absorb the coffee mixture and have a negative effect on your desired results.

Step 5: Leave the coffee dye mixture in your hair for an additional fifteen minutes. This will help you obtain the best results from the natural ingredient dyeing process.

Step 6: Rinse your hair thoroughly. Unlike traditional dyes, you can wash and style your hair normally after completing the coffee dyeing method. Because the results from natural dyes such as the coffee method are subtle, you may have to repeat this process for a few days to obtain your ultimate results.

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