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Common Texting Abbreviations-LIST



2G2B4G: To good to be forgotten
2G2BT: To good to be true
2moro: Tomorrow
2nite: Tonight
411: Information
4eva: Forever


AAMOF: As a matter of fact
ABT2: About to
ACORN: A completely obsessive really nutty person
AEAP: As early as possible
AFAIK: As far as I know
aight: Alright
AKA: Also known as
AML: All my love
ASAP: As soon as possible
ATM: At the moment


B4: Before
BBFN: Bye-bye for now
BBL: Be back later
BBS: Be back soon
B/C: Because
BF: Boyfriend
BG: Be good
BRB: Be right back
BTW: By the way


CID: Consider it done
CM: Call me
CTO: Check this out
CUL8R: See you later
cuz: Because
cya: See ya


def: Definitely
DIKY: Do I know you?
DIY: Do it yourself
DK: Don’t know
DKDC: Don’t know don’t care
DK: Download
DMI: Don’t mention it
dunno: I don’t know
DUR: Do you remember


EL: Evil Laugh
EMI: Excuse my ignorance
EOD: End of discussion
EVRE1: Everyone
EZ: Easy


F2F: Face to face
FF: Friends forever
FITB: Fill in the Blanks
FOC: Free of Charge
FWIW: For what it’s worth
FYEO: For your eyes only
FYI: For your information


G1: Good one
G2G: Got to go
G4N: Good for nothing
GAL: Get a life
GAS: Got a second
GF: Girlfriend
GL: Good luck
GN: Good night
GR8: Great
GRRR: Growling


H&K: Hugs and kisses
H8: Hate
HAGN: Have a good night
HIG: How’s it going
howru: How are you
HSIK: How should I know
HT: Hi There
HUD: How are you doing?


ICCL: I couldn’t care less
IDK: I don’t know
ILU: I love you
im: I am
IMS: I am sorry
IMHO: In my humble opinion
IOU: I owe you
ITA: I totally agress


J4F: Just for fun
JK: Just kidding


K4Y: Kiss for you
kewl: Cool
KIT: Keep in touch
KMP: Keep me posted
KWIM: Know what I mean


L8R: Later
LFTI: Looking forward to it
LHO: Laughing head off
LMK: Let me know
LOL: Laugh out loud
LOLZ: Lots of laughs
LTNS: Long time no see
LY: Love you


MBN: Must be nice
MML: Made me laugh
mob: Mobile
MSG: Message
MTE: My thoughts exactly
MTF: More to follow
MYOB: Mind your own business


N: No
NBD: No big deal
NE1: Anyone
N/M: Nothing much
NP: No problem
NRN: No reply necessary


OBTW: Oh by the way
ofc: Of course
OMG: Oh my God
OTOH: On the other hand


PA: Parent alert
PCM: Please call me
PLO: Peace, love, out
PLS: Please
POV: Point of view
PP: People


Q: Question
Qix: Quick


r: Are
REHI: Hi again
RNN: Reply not necessary
ROTFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
RUOK: Are you OK
R U There: Are you there


S: Smile
SB: Stand by
sec: Wait a second
SETE: Smiling ear to ear
SIT: Stay in touch
SOL: Sooner or later
soz: Sorry
SYS: See you soon


T2UL: Talk to you later
TAFN: That’s all for now
TBC: To be continued
TC: Take care
THX: Thanks
TMB: Text me back
TMOT: Trust me on this
TNC: Tongue in cheek
TTTT: To tell the truth
TTUL: Talk to you later


U2: You too
UOK: Are you ok
ur: You are
UTM: You tell me


v: Very
VBS: Very big smile
VM: Voice mail


w/o: Without
W8: Wait
WAYN: Where are you now
WBS: Write back soon
WC: Who cares
WFM: Works for me
WTG: Way to go
WUWH: Wish you were here


x: Kiss
XLNT: Excellent
XME: Excuse me
xoxoxo: Hugs and kisses


Y: Why -or- yes
YBS: You’ll be sorry
YDKM: You don’t know me
YKW: You know what
YNK: You never know


zzzz: Sleeping

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