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Complaint Letter Sample


A complaint letter should state the problem clearly and briefly without resorting to aggressive or abusive language. Keep in mind that most companies want to resolve customer complaints. As with all business communications, better results are obtained if the letter is addressed to a specific person. Call beforehand and get the name of the department Supervisor or their assistant.

An effective complaint letter begins on a positive note. The old adage, “You can catch more flies with honey … ” is still true. State the problem with a firm, but respectful, tone. Do not make threats you are unable or unwilling to carry through to the end.

State the reasons for your complaint in a clear straight forward manner. Give dates and details, including any previous attempts to resolve the situation. Clearly define what you want. Be specific, but concise. Most effective complaint letters are only one page. Set a reasonable time limit for a response. Include photo copies of any receipts or other paperwork, keeping a copy of the complaint letter with the originals.

Example Complaint Letter

Dear Mr. Jameson:

For the past six months, I have been very happy with my model ABC123 mattress. Recently, however, the included air pump has developed a problem. It will still pump air into the mattress, but when I need to deflate it, the pump simply makes a low hum and nothing else happens. Since one of the main selling features of this mattress is the ease of firmness adjustment, a pump that cannot perform fully eliminates half of the service.

I called the number stamped into the pump and was told by the “service” representative, Jose Martinez, that the model ABC123 has been discontinued and no parts were available. I purchased the mattress from MyLocalStore on December 12 of last year. It supposedly had a five year warranty. If the pump cannot be replaced, I need a replacement mattress. As you can see from the enclosed copy of my receipt, I paid $385.89 for this mattress. A six month window of use is not satisfactory at all.

If I do not hear from you with some sort of resolution to this matter within thirty days of this letter, I will be forced to contact the Better Business Bureau. Please contact me promptly in regard to a solution. My phone number is 999-999-5555 and my email is


Janet Doe

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