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Cost of Quartz Countertops


If you’re in the market for a quartz countertop, here’s what you’ll expect to be paying.

Quartz Harder Than Granite

By choosing engineered quartz as your countertop material, you are getting the best possible countertop in terms of durability and ease of use, according to Consumer Reports. Quartz countertops are harder in the Moh’s hardness scale than granite, and are surpassed only by this natural stone material in beauty. Although they are only slightly less expensive than natural stone countertops such as granite, by about $5 to $10 per square foot, still expect to invest a great deal of money in your engineered quartz countertops. For an average kitchen with 25 square feet of countertop surface, you may be spending around $2500 to do it in engineered quartz. If price is more of a consideration, a less expensive material such as laminate would probably be a better choice at as little as $10 per square foot. But like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Quartz Price Range

Prices range from around $50 to up to $100 per square foot for engineered quartz countertops. Price will also vary depending on the finish, color and thickness of the slab. Honed surfaces with a matte finish differ from smooth surfaces with a shinier surface. Even a leather-like surface texture is available. Thicknesses can be 1, 2, 3, or 4 cm. And because they are man-made, quartz countertops come in a very wide selection of colors that is limited only by the imaginations of the manufacturers and the pigments and other materials they can include in the 7% of the material’s composition that is not pure quartz. Some varieties even include bits of recycled mirror, metal, or other natural stones. Because of the variety of looks, there is a corresponding variety of price.

Additional Price Considerations

Shaping the exposed edges of the countertop will also affect the price. Some available edge profiles are beveled, rounded, and ogee with an S-shaped profile. Finishing the edges can add from $10 to $50 per linear foot to the price of the quartz countertop.

Quartz countertops are definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Only certified quartz countertop installers are allowed to install them to ensure that they are handled with proper care as the quartz material is very heavy and hard. This installation is included in the price of the quartz countertop, still making them slightly lower in price than their natural stone counterparts per square foot.

Since the quartz countertop will be installed by a certified installer, it will be necessary that any holes in the countertop for such fixtures as faucets, kitchen sinks and stovetops need to be cut or drilled into the engineered quartz slab before the countertop is delivered and installed. This cost will be in addition to the quartz countertop cost for the square footage.

Price also depends on the dealer and the cost of labor. More definite discussion of cost would require an estimate by a dealer of this product which takes into consideration the exact requirements of your kitchen project.



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