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Do Bats Eat Mosquitoes?



Bats DO eat mosquitoes.

More Info: The only flying mammal, one bat can devour 1,200 mosquitoes in an hour playing an important role in regulating insect populations. [UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences]

Insectivorous bats, those species that eat insects, comprise 60-70% of all bat species and prey on a variety of insects including mosquitoes, wasps, flies, gnats, crickets, and grasshoppers.

How Do They Capture Their Insect Prey?

Depending on the size of the prey and the species, bats use a variety of methods to capture their prey.  Most smaller insects are simply eaten right out of the air.  Larger flying insects are pulled in by the wing and dropped into the interfemoral membrane (also called the uropatagium) which is the flap of skin between the legs used for flight and food captivity.  Larger insects commonly found on the ground such as grasshoppers and beetles are frequently snatched up by the bat’s feet.

Bats Are Nocturnal Creatures

Bats sleep during the day and emerge at night to feed.  They generally begin to stir as dusk sets in and will emerge after dark to begin feeding.  They will feed for a few hours and then return to the roost for rest.  Many will reemerge for a second feeding before daybreak.



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