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Do Chemical Peels Help with Acne?



Chemical peels can help with acne in some cases, although they do not help with every acne case.

More Info: A chemical peel works by removing the dead layers of skin from the face. This clears away the debris and kills some of the bacteria that promote the formation of pimples. The procedure does not remove the bacteria permanently.

Chemical peels are often performed by dermatologists. Facial chemical peels use one of three chemicals–alphahydroxy acids, trichloracetic acids, and phenol. The plastic surgeon performing the procedure may adjust the mixture of chemicals based on the needs of the patient. Alphahydroxy peels may result in stinging and redness; trichloraceitc acid peels cause sensitivity to light and may cause some pigmentation loss; phenol peels may cause changes in the color of a patient’s skin.

Regardless of which substance is used to remove the layer of dead skin, all peels can result in redness or some scarring. These results are uncommon and do not usually occur if a patient seeks out someone who is qualified to perform the procedure. A dermatologist can determine if a chemical peel will help ease acne breakouts. It is best used to reduce acne scarring that occurred when a person was younger.



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