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Do Cockroaches Make Noise?



Cockroaches DO make noise.

More Info: Several cockroach species produce a hissing noise such as those from the genera Aeluropoda, Elliptorhina, Gromphadorhina, and Princisia, while several other species stridulate such as those from the genera Leucophaea, Megaloblatta, and Nauphoeta.

Hissing Cockroaches

Hissing cockroaches, such as the Madagascar hissing cockroach, produce a loud hissing sound through the spiracles along their backs, which they use to breathe. Both male and female cockroaches of this species will make a loud hissing noise when disturbed, but the males also use their sound capabilities in their aggressive interactions with one another.  When two males fight, the victor will hiss louder than his opponent will.  Males also hiss during courtship and mating.

Species of hissing cockroaches include: big black hisser, big flat hisser, dwarf Madagascar hissing roach, Madagascar hissing cockroach, striped dwarf hisser, tiger hisser, wide horned hisser.

Stridulating Cockroaches

Research indicates that stridulating cockroach species such as Nauphoeta cinerea will produce this noise as a courtship ritual.  In one particular study, the researchers found that the male of the species will at first attempt to mate quietly but will begin to stridulate if the female is unresponsive. 

Additional stridulating cockroaches belong to the Leucophaea maderae and Megaloblatta blaberoides  species.  Theses cockroaches seem to use the noise as a warning call to others.



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