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Do Deer Attack Humans?



Deer DO attack humans.

More Info: Wildlife attacks are always a concern, but an animal that is often overlooked is deer. Since deer are not predators, it is easy to overlook the dangers associated with the animals. In reality, deer can attack humans in certain situations. Attacks from deer are potentially deadly due to the antlers that can cause severe damage to a human body.

Rut and Attacks

Mating season is a dangerous time when it comes to deer attacks. Male deer become aggressive during the season and are more likely to attack humans in the way of their mating activities. Injuries from hooves or antlers are a possibility during the mating season due to the increased aggressive behavior from male deer.

Cornered Deer Attacks

When a deer is startled or cornered, attacks are more likely to occur. Although deer are not carnivorous animals, cornering the creature will result in an attack due to the adrenaline and effort to defend against a threat. Deer have a fight or flight response that will result in attacking with hooves or antlers when cornered.

Protecting Young

Although female deer are less likely to attack than male deer, situations related to protecting young can lead to attacks with hooves. Since female deer do not have antlers, attacks are commonly associated with kicks and rushing potential threats to a newborn fawn.

Possible Injuries

Deer can attack humans and leave behind severe injuries. Depending on whether the attack was from a male or female deer, the exact damage will vary. The most common damage includes bruises, broken bones and scrapes from hooves and falls. When male deer attack with antlers, the injuries can also include broken skin and puncture wounds. While deaths are uncommon, a puncture wound from deer antlers can result in death if the wound occurs in the right location.



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