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Do Hawks Migrate?



Hawks DO migrate.

More Info: If you live in the United States, you most likely have seen hawks flying overhead. Hawks are also found in the West Indies and Central America. These birds are exceptional fliers that effortlessly reach top speeds, especially when hunting for food. All hawks migrate some distance, depending on the species.


Red-tailed hawks are found in most areas of North America. These birds live in open fields and deserts but can survive in tropical conditions and mountainous areas. Cooper’s Hawks are also common in the United States. These are smaller birds that typically live in forests but have recently been spotted living in urban areas.


Most hawks migrate short and medium distances. While these birds are usually found wintering in southern areas, they have been known to migrate as far south as Honduras and Mexico.


Hawks dine on small birds such as starlings, pigeons and doves. They may also eat larger domestic birds such as turkey and chickens. Hawks will also eat chipmunks, rabbits, squirrels, mice and bats if necessary.


Male hawks build nests in approximately two weeks with the female’s help. These nests are typically 27 inches in diameter and are made from bark, leaves and twigs. Certain trees are preferred for nesting such as pine trees, oak trees and beeches.



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