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Do Impacted Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?

Do Impacted Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?


If impacted wisdom teeth are causing problems, they need to be removed.

More Info: When the issue of asymptomatic impacted wisdom teeth is presented, then there is much contention between professionals.

Symptomatic Impacted Wisdom Teeth

There is little debate when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth that are causing a patient problems.  In the majority of cases, dental professionals agree that the best course of action is to surgically remove them.

Asymptomatic Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Dental professionals disagree whether it is beneficial to remove impacted wisdom teeth that are not causing any apparent pain or dental issues.  Unfortunately, the research on the matter is not overwhelmingly conclusive to bring both factions to an agreement.

Anti-Removal Faction

Those opposed to removing asymptomatic impacted teeth feel strongly that the evidence does not support the claims that it will help to prevent future problems.  Other concerns are that this is a serious surgery that should not be undertaken lightly and that you have ‘teeth in the bank’ as the years pass and you may possibly lose other teeth.

The Pro-Removal Faction

Those that advocate for the removal of all impacted wisdom teeth believe that in doing so you are removing future problems that may be much more severe down the road and that not all problems are apparent.  The few instances where the proponents might suggest waiting is if you have a medical condition that may increase your surgical risks.

Preventatively removing the impacted wisdom teeth lessens the chance that you will need surgery later in life when the procedure will be more difficult and have more change of complications.

There is no guarantee that the impacted tooth is free from disease, which can cause serious complications.

Impacted teeth can lead to infection, which is painful and can harm healthy teeth. If the sac surrounding the impacted tooth fills with liquid to form a cyst, it can injure the bone, adjacent teeth, and nerves.

Impacted teeth can crowd adjacent teeth and damage roots of healthy teeth

Do Impacted Wisdom Teeth Need to Be Removed?



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