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Do Laminate Countertops Crack?

Do Laminate Countertops Crack?


Laminate countertops DO crack.

Though laminate countertops are relatively durable, under the right conditions they can crack. Unlike solid surface countertops, laminate countertops consist of multiple layers. The visible top layer is a sheet of plastic laminate that is manufactured by bonding several layers of kraft paper and a sheet of decorative paper with a melamine-formaldehyde resin under high heat and pressure. The resulting sheet, which is only .03″-.04″ thick, is then bonded to a preformed particleboard (or similar material) foundation. This surface resists staining and is very easy to clean but may not be as forgiving to harsh treatment. For example, the countertop may crack if you apply a blunt force such that would occur when pounding a chicken breast with a meat tenderizer.



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