Do Thrips Bite Humans?

Author: Richard Horgan
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Summary: Thrips DO bite humans. If you have ever been bitten by something but look down to find nothing there...

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Thrips DO bite humans.

If you have ever been bitten by something but look down to find nothing there, you could have been bitten by a thrips. (Thrips is the singular and plural form). Measuring in at a minute 1/32"-1/8" long, thrips are difficult to immediately see.

Why Do Thrips Bite? 

Thrips do bite humans but not as a defense mechanism as with many other insects. Thrips bite as a means to discover food sources. Though some thrips species will feed on other thrips, insect larvae, and mites, most are phytophages, feeding on plants and plant parts. So soon after a thrips bites you, it will discover that you are not a food source and move on.


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