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Do Traveler’s Checks Expire?



Traveler’s checks do not expire.

More info: Unlike cashier’s checks, traveler’s checks do not expire and can be used at any time after the date of purchase.  A traveler’s check is issued as payment similar to a personal check but giving additional security to both the purchaser and the seller.  In the case of the person accepting a traveler’s check, it has already been paid for so is guaranteed not to bounce.  In the case of the purchaser the traveler’s check cannot be stolen and used by a third party like cash.

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Do Personal Checks Expire?

Technically, personal checks will not expire. However, the truth is that all personal checks should be cashed within six months of the date on the check. After six months has passed, the bank has the right to refuse cashing of the check. If the bank refuses to cash the check, the person who has written the check has no recourse against the bank. For those paying bills by check, make sure that the biller cashes its checks in a timely fashion.

Do Cashier’s Checks Expire?

Just like personal checks, technically cashier’s checks don’t expire.  However, many banks will not honor cashier’s checks after six months. A cashier’s check can be cashed at the issuing bank for a period of time that is determined by state law. This period of time is typically between two and seven years. After this period, the cashier’s check is considered unclaimed or abandoned. If the cashier’s check has reached the point of unclaimed or abandoned status, the check holder must apply to the state to receive the amount of the cashier’s check.



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“Cheques do not expire. Unused Travelers Cheques can be used for a future trip, or like cash at locations in your area.”

Do Traveler’s Cheques Ever Expire, American Express

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