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Do You Have a Menstrual Cycle After a Hysterectomy?



 You do not have a menstrual cycle after a hysterectomy.

More Info: Menstruation is the shedding of the endometrium, the lining of the uterus. In a hysterectomy procedure, the uterus is removed as well as the ovaries, and fallopian tubes in many cases.  This causes the cessation of menstruation and ability to bear children.  Some women do have bleeding following a hysterectomy procedure, which is not part of the menstrual cycle.  Bleeding following a hysterectomy should always be checked out by your doctor.

What Is an Oopherectomy?

An oophorectomy is the complete surgical removal of one or both ovaries. Oophorectomies are commonly performed to treat diseases such as polycystic ovaries, large ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer. Oophorectomies may be performed in combination with other surgical procedures, such as removal of the uterus or fallopian tubes, depending on the medical problems that the woman is suffering. The surgical procedure itself is not excessively dangerous, but many side effects can potentially occur due to the changes in hormone levels that occur; a woman who has both ovaries removed before menopause is forced into a menopausal state.

What Is a Subtotal Hysterectomy?

A subtotal hysterectomy is a procedure in that a woman’s uterus is removed but not the cervix. Opting to leave the cervix in place would encourage vaginal moisture and would increase the muscular support to the pelvic region. The subtotal hysterectomy procedure is shorter than a complete hysterectomy, and the blood lost during the surgery is far less, but the recovery time and complications are the same for both procedures. The patient who considers a subtotal hysterectomy must be aware that since her cervix remains she is still at risk for cervical cancer.



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