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Does a Brazilian Wax Hurt?


Most admit that waxing any part of the body hurts, the severity of the pain depending on pain tolerance threshold. However, there are ways to reduce the pain. Compared to other hair removal methods, waxing has many advantages that many feel are worth any short term discomfort.


A Brazilian wax is more effective and lasts longer than shaving or depilatory chemicals. There is really no comparison to plucking as larger areas render plucking extremely impractical. Though electrolysis and laser removal are a more permanent solution, the Brazilian wax is a great alternative for those who may wish to re-grow hair.

The Pain

The pain can be divided into two categories–during and after. Here are some of the causes and coping methods:

To Help Ease Discomfort During the Procedure

→ To help ease skin sensitivity, take an anti-inflammatory pain reliever thirty minutes to an hour prior to waxing.

→ Avoid waxing two days before or up to a week after a menstrual period and apply a numbing cream fifteen to thirty minutes prior to the waxing.

→ Arrive early for the appointment so waxing isn’t too rushed.

→ Use a hard wax instead of a soft wax, as it may reduce the discomfort by 70%, according to various professional estheticians.

To Help Ease Discomfort After the Procedure

→ If you experience tender, dry, peeling, red, or irritated skin, use lubricating lotions and exfoliate the area with a soft scrub for a few days after the waxing. However, avoid exfoliating for the first twenty-four hours after waxing.

→ For bruising, bleeding, burned or torn skin, use aloe vera gel or Neosporin, use gentle cleansers to keep the area clean, and watch closely for possible infections. For burns, use a cold pack or compress.

→ If you find red or white bumps or in-grown hairs, apply a skin lotion that contains salicylic acid or a non-comedogenic moisturizer to area.

→ Avoid wearing any abrasive clothing that might rub the de-haired area. It’s best to wear non-elastic banded cotton undergarments.

→ Avoid tanning and any activities that may cause sweating. Apply sunscreen around the bikini line for the first few days.



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