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Does a Parent Have to Sign a National Letter of Intent?



A parent DOES have to sign a national letter of intent .

More Info: A national letter of intent (NLI) must be signed by the director of athletes or designee of the institution making the offer, the prospective student athlete, and a parent of the prospective student athlete.

The signature of a parent is required on all national letters of intent for any prospective student athlete that is under the age of 21.

What If a Parent Is Not Available?

If a parent is not available to cosign an NLI then a legal guardian is required to do so.  In the case that there is neither a parent nor a legal guardian then a third party that has been approved in advance by the NLI office is acceptable.

What Is the Agreement When Signing a National Letter of Intent?

If you have been offered financial assistance to attend a college if you agree to play a specific sport, the college will have you sign a national letter of intent. By signing this agreement you are certifying that by accepting the financial assistance for one year, you will participate in that sport for one year provided you meet all other university, conference, and NCAA regulations.

Can You Sign More Than One NLI?

No, you may not sign more than on NLI for multiple sports in a given year. If you agree to be bound by a basketball NLI then you may not also sign one for soccer.

Are There NLI Deadline Rules?

Yes. A prospective student-athlete must sign a national letter of intent within 14 days after receiving the offer.  The institution offering the financial assistance in return for a player agreement must file it with the NCAA within 21 days after the prospective student-athlete signs it.  Special rules apply for the November signing period.



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