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Does Coffee Cause Acid Reflux?

Does Coffee Cause Acid Reflux?


For many, coffee DOES cause acid reflux.

More Info: Unfortunately, one of America’s favorite beverages is on the watch list of many high profile medical facilities. When it comes to coffee and acid reflux, it seems, that moderation is key, as many people with acid reflux can tolerate coffee. The key is first understanding if coffee is a particular trigger and if so knowing how much is enough and how much will trigger symptoms.

A Large Study Clears Coffee as a Trigger

A study published in the journal Gut examined the triggers of acid reflux through lifestyle habit surveys given to a large group of people, some of whom suffered from acid reflux, some of whom did not. The studied concluded that tobacco smoke and table salt seemed to be important triggers while expected irritants including coffee were not as relevant as anticipated.

Acid Reflux Diagnosis Designed Exclusively for You

GERD is exacerbated by different stimuli for each person. The best way to tell what is stimulating the overproduction of stomach acids is to keep a journal that includes what and how much you consumed, what time of day, activities immediately following eating, and what symptoms you experienced.



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