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Does Fertility Increase After Miscarriage?

Does Fertility Increase After Miscarriage?

Fertility essentially neither increases nor decreases after a miscarriage. Rather, 85% of women who suffer a single miscarriage and continue to try to get pregnant are able to do so, while 75% of women statistically become pregnant when continuing on down that path after two or even three miscarriages.

The Definition of Infertility

In simplest terms, if a woman tries for an entire year to properly become pregnant, that is monitors her cycle and has sex when she is at the peak of ovulation, and still fails, she is considered infertile. But a recent case in the United Kingdom suggests that new technology may help couples overcome this seemingly barren one-year obstacle. Marie and Mirco Mirtenelli used a new device called the DuoFertility. The small patch takes upwards of 20,000 temperature readings of the woman’s body every day, so as to pinpoint the exact moment of ovulation. Despite three previous miscarriages, Marie was able to become pregnant seven months after beginning to use this new device.


Another couple’s struggle to conceive after a miscarriage will continue to provide fodder for their reality TV show. E! TV personality Gulianna Rancic and her husband Bill, a winner previously on The Apprentice, have decided to once again – after a devastating first miscarriage – try invitro-fertilization treatments once more. Husband Bill, in their case, must administer over 60 shots to his wife per month. Again, there is no more or less of a chance in their case that she will become pregnant. It is simply a matter of having sex when the time is right.

The big different, as compared to other couples, is that their struggle has been fodder for their E! reality TV show and engaged the audience more directly in their travails. As a result, more than three dozen women around the country have offered to be surrogate mothers for the couple. This is the kind of added bonus after a miscarriage that only famous people usually get to enjoy.



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