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Does Green Tea Have Antioxidants?



Green tea DOES have antioxidants.

Green tea is possibly the greatest supplier of antioxidants currently known to exist. In freshly picked leaves, an antioxidant called catechins can comprise up to 30% of the plant’s weight. This compound, which some claim should be labeled an essential vitamin for human life, has been shown to furiously and effectively combat “the big four” major health problems in the world: stroke, heart failure, cancer, and diabetes. Catechins, supplemented with consistent and extensive exercise, may even be a source of eternal youth by decreasing oxidative stress while raising protein transcription, drastically reducing the visible signs of age. [Lee, The Journal of Nutrition]


Literally thousands of laboratory experiments have been conducted testing the effects of green tea and its components on animals and humans. Despite hoards of evidence suggesting that all tea produced from the Camellia sinesis plant, including green, black, and oolong tea, is highly effective at increasing the overall health of any human being, the FDA continues to deny that its potent properties are in any way helpful in the fight against cancer.

Global Wisdom

In the Eastern hemisphere of the globe, people drink copious amounts of hot green tea and, statistically, get far less cancer. Similarly, the Kuna tribe of Panama consume a diet extraordinarily high in catechins and the appearance of “big four” related deaths is below 10%. While these anecdotal, correlated, tales from around the world do not indicate causation, it’s obvious that the antioxidant properties of green tea are beneficial to any lifestyle.



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