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Does Liposuction Work for Cellulite?



Liposuction is not indicated as a treatment for cellulite.

More Info: Pockets of fat deposited below the skin’s surface, which create a dimpled appearance, are known as cellulite, and they can be found around the buttocks, hips, and thighs. It is often more visible than fat found elsewhere in the body, and a rippled effect is the result when collagen fibers connecting fat to your skin pull tight, break down, or stretch. Genetics often play a role in determining if people have cellulite, along with a slow metabolism, poor nutrition, dehydration, and hormonal changes. Once it occurs, there is no effective way to eliminate it, and, as you will see, liposuction may even add to the problem.

Cellulite Is not a Medical Disorder

Patients consult cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists because of their cellulite, and they are fully aware that it is a legitimate problem for many people. At the same time, they do not consider cellulite to be a medical disorder. In fact, doctors view it as a normal condition for some men and many women.

To avoid cellulite, try following these recommendations:

Eat a balance diet that includes fiber, fruit, and vegetables.

  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.
  • Follow a regular exercise program to strengthen your bones and tone your muscles.
  • Avoid fad dieting and smoking.

Liposuction’s Uses

Liposuction, which is usually performed by a plastic surgeon, is a procedure in which special surgical equipment is used to remove excess body fat. This cosmetic surgery, which is popular, is use to smooth distorted or irregular body shapes, and to enhance the body’s appearance. It is also referred to as body contouring, which is done under the chin, and on the cheeks, neck, breasts, upper arms, abdomen thighs, buttocks hips, calves, ankles, and knees.

Note that liposuction is a surgical procedure that should be taken seriously, recovery may be painful, and the complications can be fatal. Discuss all the pros and cons with your physician, and do not consider it for treating cellulite.

Why Liposuction Is Not the Answer

When this procedure is used alone in treating cellulite, the results liposuction produces are very disappointing. This procedure, which is so beneficial in treating other skin conditions, may create a bigger problem by removing the cushion of fat found under the skin, leaving the skin with a rippling, orange-peel appearance that the patient would definitely want to avoid.



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