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Does Lipstick Contain Lead?



Some lipstick DOES contain lead.

More Info: Though an independent study conducted by an advocate group found that 61 percent of lipsticks on the market today contain lead, the FDA does not find the lead to be a public safety concern.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

The advocacy group, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, is calling attention to the fact that many of today’s lipsticks, from top cosmetic labels, contain lead.  In their own independent study the group reports that of the 31 brand-named lipsticks tested, 61% contained lead ranging from .03-.61 ppm.  These findings indicate that more than 33% of the lipsticks exceed the FDA’s .1ppm limit for lead.


The FDA conducted its own study and though the administration does acknowledge that there is lead in some lipsticks, the administration weighs its level of safety concern on its use as a topical application not intended for ingestion.



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