Does Lipstick Expire?

Author: Samantha Cook
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Lipstick DOES expire.

According to experts, lipstick has a shelf life of an average of one- two years.

Why Do Cosmetics Expire?

There are no laws regulating the expiration date on cosmetics but that doesn't mean that you should keep them forever. Makeup can harbor bacteria that over time multiply making them unsafe and unsanitary. Using them increases your risk of contracting such conditions as conjunctivitis and skin breakouts.

Cosmetic Expiration Recommendations

1 year expiration

• Lipstick
• Blush-powdered and cream (wash the brush regularly)
• Eyeliner/lipliner (sharpen the liner with each use)
• Perfume (sprays last longer than splashes)

6 months expiration

• Eye makeup (eyes are prone to bacterial infection)

3 months expiration

• Mascara (important to discard as the brush and air harbor bacteria)
• Concealer
• Foundation

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