Does Makeup Cause Wrinkles?

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Makeup does not cause wrinkles. 

The Makeup Wrinkle Myth 

Makeup itself does not cause wrinkles, contrary to popular belief. However, wearing makeup can contribute to skin issues if it is not removed properly; this is perhaps the origin of the myth that makeup causes wrinkles. By sleeping with a full face of makeup on, for example, pores can get clogged. When skin is clogged and deprived of oxygen, it does not spring back to its original shape as quickly. Also, some people pull and tug at their skin when applying makeup. Excessive force on delicate areas of skin, such as the eyelids or undereyes, can stretch out the skin and cause it to lose its elasticity, thus causing wrinkles to develop.

Makeup May Prevent Wrinkles

Most makeup today contains some form of sunscreen, either physical or chemical. Wearing makeup may actually prevent some signs of aging, such as wrinkles, because the makeup itself may act as a barrier between skin and the environment. Dermatologists recognize the enormous role that sun exposure plays in aging; by wearing makeup that contains SPF on a regular basis, the chances of getting wrinkles and sunspots due to UV damage are reduced. Wrinkles are generally agreed upon as being caused by such things as facial movement, sun exposure, smoking, and, yes, gravity.

As long as makeup is completely removed, gently, with no tugging or scrubbing, it will not contribute to the formation of wrinkles.


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Expert Opinion 

Quote: "Sometimes when people try to hide wrinkles with makeup, they wind up actually emphasizing wrinkles. That's because they rub cream- or oil-based makeup into their skin and it tends to cake up between the wrinkles. The key to hiding wrinkles is to use only powder-based (such as cornstarch) products."

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Quote: "The quickest way to make a wrinkle look better is to smear moisturizer on it," Dr. Farris says. Skin is like a sponge, wrinkled and rough when dry, soft and smooth once you add water. Infusing it with hydrators is faster (and cheaper) than adding enough retinol or peptides to makeup to smooth skin long-term. "

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