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Does Pneumonia Cause Asthma?


Pneumonia can cause asthma.

More Info: Generally, people recover fully from pneumonia with no lasting side effects, but a study published in the journal Infection and Immunity concluded that long-term infection with Mycoplasma pneumonaie bacteria could lead to chronic asthma.

Mycoplasma pneumoniae Induces Chronic Respiratory Infection, Airway Hyperreactivity, and Pulmonary Inflammation: a Murine Model of Infection-Associated Chronic Reactive Airway Disease .” Infection and Immunity

What Causes Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is caused by one or more infectious agents in the lung tissue. These infectious agents can be bacterial, viral, or fungal in origin. In some cases, there is a combination of multiple etiologies. A person with a primary viral infection may also have a secondary bacterial infection. Aspiration pneumonia can result when some fluid and bacteria from the oral cavity are accidently aspirated into the airways. In these cases, the bacteria involved can be opportunistic pathogens that are part of the normal oral bacterial flora, instead of a potentially contagious pathogen.

What Is Walking Pneumonia?

Walking Pneumonia is an informal term for a mild form of pneumonia. This terminology refers to the fact that the patient is usually not sick enough to be hospitalized and therefore may be able to function normally. Also known as Atypical Pneumonia, the disease generally affects older children and young adults. It is contagious and tends to spread in crowded areas, such as schools, workplaces, shopping areas, and public transportation. Symptoms are similar to those of the more severe form of the disease, and include fatigue, cough, headaches and body aches, sore throat, runny nose, and sometimes abdominal pain.



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